Your first gambling online adventure is always accompanied by questioning the fairness of the game. There are obviously many different casinos you cannot be sure of. online casino tops mission is to help you avoid unpleasant experiences and keep you away from doubtful gambling operators.
Roulette is probably the most famous and commonly played game at all online casinos. We are ready to put at your disposal a list of the most reputable and trustworthy online Roulette casinos, featuring the American, the European as well as the progressive Roulette versions.

Roulette Table

How can you know you are actually dealing with a fair online Roulette game? It’s a natural wondering and we are here to guide you towards accessing only truly fair and absolutely random online Roulette systems.
Being such a popular game both in Europe and U.S., online Roulette gamblers have been trying for a long time to understand how the Roulette system works and predict its odds. Unfortunately, few of them succeeded to create a pattern as the Roulette system is the closest to the principle of the wheel of fortune.
Let’s consider the options: on the Roulette table, the best bets appear to be the even money bets, offering a payout of 1:1, including red/black, high/low and even/odd bets, also called “outside bets”.
Online casino top asserts that the Martingale system is the most impartial and secure system adapted for Roulette. It is mathematically proven to be the gambling strategy that ensures fair chances of winning. The Martingale system is used exclusively on the European Roulette wheel (with a single green “zero”).
The Martingale process relies on selecting a color to bet on, sticking to this color for the entire session and then, basically doubling the bet with every successive loss. This simple strategy is explained by the following reason: a win of the minimum bet (and the chosen color) is certain to happen, based on the law of averages, and must inevitably land. So, if you win, you are likely to win back the previous loss plus one unit.
The only flaw of the Martingale system is supposing the existence of unlimited funds. However, if you choose to bet on reds, the probability of 10 or more successive black hits is reduced. The Martingale betting system is a progression chain and this website recommends using this strategy to increase your Roulette winning chances.
Online Roulette is undoubtedly an excellent casino game for leisure and entertainment. Gamblers are likely to win more money online than in land-based casinos, as the wheel spins much faster, the actions are taking place sooner and the payouts are much better.
If you are tempted to try the online Roulette for the first time but you are not sure where to play a fair, reliable Roulette game, with great bonuses and easy tips, online casino top compiled for you a valuable list of the best online Roulette websites. The online casinos recorded by our portal guarantee fair Roulette gaming, reliable customer support, useful information about game rules and strategies, excellent payouts and more!
We want our players to be very well informed before they engage into the game, moreover, we encourage them to learn more about the online Roulette and follow carefully the path towards mastering the art of winning. Play for fun and beat the odds!