Originated in 17th century Europe, the game of Blackjack grew rapidly in popularity acquiring its highest level in our century when millions of players from all over world are enjoying online Blackjack, the modern and the most accurate version of the multisecular casino game, playing blackjack with live dealer in real time is the most famous blackjack game online.

Blackjack Cards:

blackjack-cards warmly recommends playing online Blackjack due to its many advantages. High quality but low cost entertainment is guaranteed. You can play at any hour from your personal computer at home and no one is going to bother you or question your decisions. The rules of the online game are much simplified according to your needs and comfort.
Here’s a quick reminder of the online Blackjack rules: The major purpose is to beat the dealers hand by drawing cards until your hand scores higher than the dealers without exceeding 21 or not drawing cards and waiting until the dealer exceeds 21. And here comes an important aspect related to the online Blackjack game: as a player, you have to make sure the house is playing fair, that rules are respected and that results are absolutely random and honest.
In such an overwhelming world of online gambling it is very hard to find a reliable casino website where you can play your favorite game without worrying about safety and fairness. That is why online casino top already made this comprehensive research for you by choosing the best Blackjack casinos to offer you a pleasant and complete gambling experience.
We would like to recommend a list of reliable online casinos that include Blackjack. The online casinos listed below feature the latest software platforms and dynamic graphics to gain your trust, but that’s not all. The most competitive variety of Blackjack games, the highest payouts and signup bonuses are waiting for you. Concerning communication, serious and professional customer support teams are available 24 hours a day to answer all your enquiries and help you manage your account.
When selecting the best online Blackjack casino, make sure you are taking advantage of all the casino bonuses stated in the offer, because they might differ from one website to another. Don’t be hasty and get familiar with the game rules, even though you have played Blackjack before (online casinos are required to publish the rules) and also, don’t neglect the pages dedicated to strategies or tips, they might actually help you in developing your skills.
All the websites recommended by online casino top allow using the Practice mode (playing free blackjack), which is a great opportunity to practice the game and apply newly acquired strategies before playing for real money. Theory is good but practice is even better. Knowing the rules is not enough to become a good player. Don’t hesitate to test your Blackjack skills and level before investing money.
Good Blackjack casinos online allow its gamblers to choose between downloading the software and playing directly on the website interface. They also usually offer several game variations, such as single deck, multideck or multihanded play.
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